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"Our extra ordinary and heavy duty grass mats and rubber flooring products are manufactured with superior quality recycled rubber. We offer exclusive range of rubber flooring and matting products which includes Grass Mats, Playground Mats, Playground Tiles, Gym Mats, Stable Mats, Horse Mats, Rubber Sheet, Garage Flooring and rubber tiles."

Grass Mats

If you are looking for grass mats then the rubber grass mats made by us are right for you. We can manufacture grass mating at attractive pricing, our made products look unique in design. We can also manufacture the grass mats from premium quality material.

These rubber grass mats are usually made for use on places where you want to get the look of grass but, don’t want the actual grass on soil. This type of mats are useful for indoor playgrounds, golf grounds and even places where you want to decorate a room like a garden.

We are one of the people who handpick the raw material for the manufacturing of these mats where the material are checked for pigmentation before sending it for manufacturing. The color of the raw material is also checked for fading to make sure that all the products are made from same colored material to look similar.

We choose the best quality material for the manufacturing of the rubber material where soft and hard material is offered. We can also manufacture the mats from recycled material which is not only unique looking but, also provide environment friendly items.

We can manufacture the rubber grass matting at attractive pricing where our team of designers is ready to help our customers in getting their desired designs made according to the thoughts and ideas.

You can order the rubber made grass mats from us at lowest possible rates where we ensure that no compromises are made on the quality. We can also deliver the mats to any location in the United Kingdom.

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